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Sussex Cattle :: Reviving The Breed in Canada

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Sussex cows are thrifty, long-lived cattle well suited to today's narrow market requirements and stringent economic climate. The Sussex is a medium to large sized breed.

  • FERTILITY - Sussex cows are easy calving, regular breeders.
  • LONGEVITY - Sussex cows are healthy and productive well into their teens under commercial conditions; leading to lower replacement costs and lower vet's bills.
  • ECONOMY - Sussex are non-selective grazers (and browsers), efficiently converting roughage into milk and meat.
  • TEMPERAMENT - Formerly used as draft cattle, Sussex are well known for their placid nature.
  • HEAT TOLERANCE - Pigmented skin, a high number of sweat glands and a smooth summer coat mean a Sussex cow or bull
    1. Adapts naturally to a hot climate
    2. Is less susceptible to tick borne diseases
    3. Can survive extreme drought conditions
  • WINTERING - Rapid growth of a winter coat ensures tolerance of cold enabling Sussex to be out-wintered on marshes exposed to gales from the North Sea.
  • MOBILITY - Strong legs and good feet enable Sussex to walk long distances over difficult terrain (report from Zambia describes rustled cows covering 55km in 24 hours, finding their own way back home).
Resource: The Sussex Cattle Society, UK
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We here at CL Ranch are constantly striving to improve upon the genetic composition of our cowherd in order to maximize the CL herd's overall potential. We remain vigilant with regards to maintaining a herd with maternal qualities that are second to none. We are determined to capture the maximum value available for carcasses but also keeping in mind an ever-changing feeding environment. For us, the answer to this was Sussex.

Today over 50% of our cow herd contains varying degrees of Sussex in their genetic makeup. Their ability to adapt to our harsh Alberta environment has been beyond our expectations. The crossbred Sussex cattle are highly efficient in today’s high cost grain markets. They are easily maintaining body condition, fertility and now longevity within the CL herd on nothing but a forage based diet. We believe in raising natural cattle that do not require hormones in order to perform and this is where the SussexCross cattle are truly beginning to shine.

Sussex cattle are one of the original British breeds being dark red in colour with a white tassel. They were known for producing powerful, active males suitable for working the heavy land as draught animals. Found throughout much of Southern England, Sussex were also known for their gentle disposition. In the late 1850's, with horses becoming more commonly used in the fields, the Sussex breed was almost extinct. In the 1860's the breed went from being heavy boned, especially through the shoulders, to a much lighter framed animal while also focusing on early maturity. By 1875, the Sussex breed was competing with the Devon and Herefords as equals.

Today the Sussex breed is still present in England, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. A herd book was started in 1874 with a polled section being added in 1979.

Since 2003, we at CL have been working with the only Sussex herd in North America. We have been importing bulls directly from Wyoming (as the border and politics allowed). To date we are continuing to gather carcass information, as well as maternal and post weaning abilities in order to design a line of genetics suited for a more "Natural Finished" type animal. CL Sussex cattle can take full advantage of the Alberta foothills grassland and only require a very short time on high energy finishing rations to meet that AAA quality grade. By using the CL SuperCross genetics as the F1 crossing, we are able to combine the high saleable red meat yield of the SuperCross and the high efficiency gaining ability of the Sussex to produce a carcass that any grid marketing system cannot afford to miss.

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